Our goal is graduating students at a level of basic academic skill a year in advance of their age level peers.

We provide high quality preschool education for our children. We take very seriously the fact that we are their first academic teachers. We follow a formal curriculum and create a positive attitude toward education for both parents/guardians and children. Our goal is to educate children who will be in advance of their peers when they leave our care to enter the next level of their formal education. Many of our students have tested very high when they have gone on to other schools.

The following age appropriate activities are enjoyed by the children:

 Sensory Play

Touch, smell, taste, hear and see activities (i.e., clay, sand, water, etc.)


Creative art is the expression of the child’s own imagination. He/she is free to develop their own ideas.


Counting, matching, sequencing, patterns, shapes, numbers, adding, subtracting.


Observing nature, parts of plants, insects, pollination, metamorphosis, hibernation, animals, marine life, birds, weather, solar system, planets and the universe, etc


Books are for all ages. Their use encourages language development and vocabulary building


Circle Time Songs in English and Spanish; introduction to instruments and their sounds; the orchestra; classical and other types of music and dance.

Gross/Fine Motor Skills

Activities which develop gross and fine motor skills and coordination. All activities are age appropriate.

Learning ABCs

Exercises to teach reading and writing the letters of the alphabet.

Spanish Language

Acquiring a second language in early childhood influences brain development & helps children focus on various cognitive exercises.

Parent says, “ABC Daycare is a school that we have come to love so much”

“ABC Daycare is a school that we have come to love so much over the last 3.5 years.  . . . Both of our children have attended ABC Daycare since they were 12 weeks old. . .   The children are constantly being exposed to English and Spanish language and culture as well as art, music, math, science, social skills, manners, and skills of daily living. Norma is not just a childcare provider that we trust, but created an extended family that truly nurtures and encourages our children.  . . .   We appreciate the daily reports that are sent home detailing the events of the day as well as learning that we can review at home to reinforce the lessons of the school. We fully endorse ABC Daycare as an excellent choice for a childcare provider as well as for your own child’s development.” Julie Litwinowich

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