We’re more than a preschool. We’re a community.

To facilitate positive social interaction with the parents/guardians and other family members of the children, and to formally display their work, ABC Daycare annually hosts three major professionally catered activities: Holiday Celebration in December, Easter Egg Hunt and Graduation.

As part of the normal curriculum we also celebrate children’s birthdays, and special days such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.

Holiday Celebration

Birthday Party

Easter Party

Valentine’s Day

Parent says, “ABC Daycare meets all of my needs as a working Mom”

“ABC Daycare meets all of my needs as a working Mom, even needs that I didn’t realize I had! . . . The value of such piece of mind is invaluable when it comes to your child but ironically the tuition rates are among the most affordable I’ve seen. In addition, the director goes above and beyond by hosting enriching and memorable events and experiences throughout the year for the children which also provide an opportunity for the parents to meet each other fostering a sense of community within the school.” Diana Nessralla

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